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BMW M62 Timing Guide Chain Repair - San Diego, CA

The BMW M62 and M62TU V8 engines used in E38 (BMW 740i), E39 BMW 540i) and E53 (BMW X5 4.4) vehicles are amazing engines that produce about 290 HP and 324 Ft pounds of Torque.  They are incredibly fun cars to drive with the instantaneous power and V8 sound are intoxicating.

So what's the problem?  Overall the BMW M62 engine is bullet proof and will easily get you to 300K miles if properly maintained, however the Achilles heal is....you guessed it....the Timing Chain Guides.  Unfortunately they are made of plastic and over time they deteriorate and begin to fall apart which can cause a number of symptoms such as as Cold Start Rattle, Diesel Engine Sounds, Whining Noise, Check Engine Light (P0101 Code), Metal Shavings & Plastic Bits on the oil pan.  If the BMW M62 Timing Chain Guides are not replaced in time, the engine can have catastrophic damage.