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About Us

Welcome to Auto Consignment of San Diego

"private party auto sales made easy"
Overview - Consignment

Auto Consignment of San Diego is a division of Skyloft Enterprises, Inc. and is headquartered in San Marcos, California.† We provide a service for private party car sellers that removes the headache and hassles of selling automobiles.

We professionally detail the vehicle, take high quality pictures and market the vehicle on websites such as AutoTrader.com, CraigsList.com, AutoConsignmentSD.com and handle all of the phone calls, emails and test drives from prospective buyers.

We house the customer vehicles in a secure warehouse which keeps the cars in mint condition and provides a comfortable setting for buyers when viewing the vehicle, or the customer can continue to use their car and we will arrange the times and meeting places with prospective buyers. We also provide an escrow type of service between seller and buyer when there is a lien holder involved.

Customers that desire our serviceÖ
  1. Donít want to accept the low blue book trade-in value the dealership offers
  2. Are too busy to deal with the hassle of selling the car on their own
  3. Donít want to deal with buyers calling or emailing all hours of the day and night
  4. Donít want strange people coming to their house to look at the car (security reasons)
  5. Military personal being shipped overseas without advanced warning
  6. Do want to receive the maximum value on the sale of their automobile

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Pre-Owned Car Sales

We also purchase and sell pre-owned cars from auctions, dealerships and individuals.† All of our high quality cars go through an extensive inspection and have clean Car Fax (AutoCheck) reports.

Car Consulting

We specialize in helping customers figure out the type of vehicle that will best suit their needs and budget requirements.† Once we determine the type of automobile, we head to the auction on their behalf to purchase the car at the wholesale price. The car is then inspected, serviced, detailed and sold, with typical savings in the thousands of dollars over the retail price seen at other larger dealerships.

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