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Testimonial - Auto Consignment

Background: A BMW dealership tells R. Wang that her 2003 Porsche Boxster with 70,000 miles is only worth $11,000 dollars for a trade-in. She contacts Auto Consignment of San Diego and we take her car in and detail it inside and out, take professional looking pictures and place a Deluxe ad on AutoTrade.com. After three weeks her car is sold for $14,500 dollars and she made an extra $3,000 dollars (minus the commission) without any hassle or headache of dealing with prospective buyers. The following is a testimonial from her during the process of selling her car.


Sorry for the late reply. We had back to back review meetings since late March as my work project is getting close to the end of the FEED phase. I couldn’t imagine myself selling the car and answering all the emails! Thanks again for the big help.

Have a great weekend,

- R. Wang

Testimonial - Auto Sales

  Background: Customer wanted a Ford Mustang with lower miles and 2005 or newer because of the four and five star safety ratings.  We went to the auto auction in Riverside and found a beautiful blue 2006 Mustang V6 with 14K original miles that looked and ran like new.


Thank you for being patient with me and finding my dream car!

- Daniel F. 
  Background: Customer was looking for a convertible car for his daughter.

Hey Mike,

My daughter loves her car!  Take care and thanks again for helping me out.  It was the easiest and most pleasurable car purchasing experience ever.

- Doug G. 

Testimonial - Auto Consulting

 Background: Customer totaled his Infinity SUV in an accident and needed to replace the vehicle as soon as possible however he was not sure what to get and wanted an auto expert to assist with finding the right vehicle at a good price. After a lot of questions and probing we determined that his life style (surfing, tennis dog etc...) required some sort of utility vehicle however Jack wanted something that drove smooth like a car and was not a gas guzzler.  After some detailed searching, we found an Audi Allroad at a great price that fit his budget and lifestyle.

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to give a big thank you for spending the time to find the right car for me at a great price.  It was unfortunate that we had issues smog inspection, however I admire your incredible tensity while working with the Seller and Audi Dealership to get the smog issue resolved.  Great job!

- Jack B.