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Auto Consulting - Overview

Overview: We enjoy helping customers figure out which cars would best suite their needs and budget requirements so if you are not sure what car, truck or SUV to purchase, we are here to assist!

Once we figure out which automobile is best for you, we will head to the auto auction on your behalf to find a great well priced pre-owned vehicle for you.

Contact Us if you have any questions!

Auto Consulting - Auction Cars

Auction Cars: Once you know the car and price range on the vehicle that best suits your needs, we will head off to the auction on your behalf to find a nice vehicle at a good price.  We typically drive up to the auto auctions in Riverside every Wednesday afternoon to preview, inspect and test drive the cars of interest.

We will then email you pictures and call to discuss the details of the vehicles that fit your requirements Wednesday evening and once you give us the green light, we will "bid" on the car or cars beginning Thursday morning at around 9:30am.

Depending on the price range and demand for the cars we are bidding on for you, we may or may not win the bid.  If we don't win the bid then it means that some other dealer wanted the car more then we did and possible paid too much for the car.

If we win the bid, then we will have the vehicle delivered to an independent mechanic for a full safety inspection where they will determine if the car we purchased on your behalf requires new brakes, tires, battery, oil, coolant or transmission fluid changes etc...

After the safety inspection we will have the car detailed and then will set up an appointment for you to view, test drive and "purchase" the vehicle.  The final purchase price of the vehicle will be within the range we previously discussed and determined by the costs of the safety inspection.

Auto Consulting - Expectations

 Expectations: Your expectations of us should be that you are getting a nice clean, safe, solid car at a good price and that it matches the requirements (color, mileage, price) that we discussed before bidding on the car for you.

Our expectations are that you "purchase" the car after the test drive.  We purchased the car for you and we are not planning to put it into our inventory.

The advantage of this program we offer is that you do not have to hassle with driving around town looking for the right car and hoping that you don't get take advantage of.  We are car fanatics and pride ourselves in delivering quality cars at good prices to our customers.